Interconnection Exchange (ICX)

GETCO Telecommunications Limited is the part of GETCO family, focusing on IT and Telecommunication services. GETCO Interconnection Exchange (ICX) provides interconnection facilities to all International Gateway Exchanges (IGW), Mobile & PSTN operators of Bangladesh for international and domestic calls. It started its commercial operation from August, 2008 with the latest NGN technology capable of interconnecting both TDM and IP.

In the rapidly expanding telecommunication market, GETCO ICX plays a vital role of interconnecting all the telecom operators in a single point for facilitating smooth, reliable and cost effective operation. It has focus on the future trend of the industry with a vision to utilize the power of youth and the power of modern technology. Currently, it has four (4) exchanges in operations with two (2) exchanges in Dhaka, While technology and ensuring uninterrupted broadband services.

It also focuses to provide the business process outsource service to the local and international clients Basically the company is now running two (2) Call Centers, one for international service and the other one for domestic service Other than this call center service, the company also provides all kind of back office services to meet the requirement of the client.

HRC Technologies Ltd. (IGW)

HRC Technologies Ltd. was incorporated as private limited company in the year 1999. The company was formed with a vision to operate primarily in the field of communication and information technology. By and large the vision takes shape in reality and at present the company operates in multiple dimensions in ICT sectors. HRC Technologies Ltd. operates as Internet service Provider (ISP) since its inception and later the company acquired the license for IP Telephony and recently acquired the license to operate the International Telecommunication Gateway (IGW) service for voice traffic in Bangladesh.

International Internet Gateway (IIG) Service

Greenland Technologies Limited, a sister organization under GETCO group is aiming as the leading ICT Service Provider for International Internet Service to ICT operators in Bangladesh under a license granted by the Government. Greenland Technologies focuses to become country's one of the leading High-Tech ICT and telecommunication companies by establishing a very strong and robust international telecommunication and DATA network, connecting nationwide ICT operators & ensuring reliable Information & Communication Technology (ICT)related services.

ISP, IPTSP and Call Centre services

GETCO Online Limited, a member of GETCO Group, is providing nationwide ISP & IPTSP services offering access to the Internet/Intranet with state-of-the-art Fiber Optic & Radio Link HRC Technologies provides High Speed DATA Connectivity (Intranet) between head office and branch offices of the same company or different companies. It is a Wide Area Network (WAN) within the metropolitan, nationwide or worldwide locations. Just like Internet, Intranet/Data connectivity can also be established through different media like high quality optical fiber, radio link/wireless, VSAT and IPLC.

Facilities of having Intranet/ DATA Connectivity Service:
• Data Transfer & Receive,
• ERP Share,
• Video Conference,
• Teleconference,
• Hosted PBX,
• Storage Server

IP Telephony Services
• IP Phone, PC Dialer, Mobile Dialer,
• Hosted IP PBX,
• IP Video Phone
• Video PC Dialer

Software development

GETCO Digital Limited, one of the sister organizations of the GETCO Group, is involved in the development of different software and IT related projects. It provides business applications which are designed to integrate all the operations of an organization. Some of these applications are ERP, HRM and CRM solutions. Other areas of business include software export, graphics and web design export, vehicle tracking system, hospital management system, hotel management system, barcoding for warehouses and remote IT support.

High Speed Intranet (Data) Connectivity

HRC provides High speed DATA Connectivity (Intranet) between head office & branch offices of the same company or different companies. it's a Wide Area Network (WAN) within the metropolitan, nationwide or worldwide locations. Just like Internet, Intranet/Data connectivity can also be established through different media.